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January 25, 2018

1. I'm pleased to report that my first book, American Folk Music as Tactical Media, has just been published by Amsterdam University Press (with North American distribution through the University of Chicago Press). Part of AUP's media archeology series, Recursions, the book reconsiders the various diagrams of communication that can be gleaned from the long American folk revival, from Alan Lomax's cybernetic visions to Bob Dylan's noisy typewriter to the Occupy Movement's People's Microphone.

2. My article "L(a)ying with Marshall McLuhan: Media Theory as Hoax Art" was published recently in Imaginations: Journal of Cross-Cultural Image Studies, in a special issue on McLuhan and the arts.

3. And Chad Comeau and I made a digital game! Donair Academy blends the RPG and educational genres in an exploration of Atlantic Canadian cuisine and cultural hybridity. The game got some press from the CBC, The East Magazine, and PC Gamer.